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Welcome to Bookish Nooks

Hey, I'm Maddy!

I thought that the beginning of a book blog (cue nervous pee) might be a lovely opportunity to introduce myself.

I'm 24 years old and live in Melbourne with my partner, Brandon, and little sister, Claire. I'm mid-way through my Master of Publishing and Communications, which is basically a degree about publishing and editing books that takes a little dive into the Australian book industry. So yeah, it's a good time.


I am a huge fan of words. I always have been. Like so many others, I spent most of my childhood at Hogwarts; I remember one of my teachers even getting a little cross with me for not choosing something (anything!) else to read during class.

Books bring me a lot of happiness. I've always wanted to join a community of fellow book-lovers so that I could search for recs, talk about love triangles and basically just absorb as much bookish content as I could. This led me to create a Bookstagram account a couple of years ago and I have LOVED it ever since. It became a beautiful escape from the pandemic lockdown and evolved into a safe safe space for learning and discussion. Connecting with other readers, discovering new releases and hearing about books that have altered trajectories and changed lives - wowee, that was what I loved about the online community.

So I decided that I would love to connect more, read more, write more and think more. Maybe even share an idea or two in a list or review.

Aside from reading, I'm a very big fan of playing piano, watching AFL, cross-stitching and drinking a bucket-load of tea!

Thanks a whole bunch for reading with me.

Mads x

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